Toyota Prius Custom Plus Concept

There is no doubt that the Toyota Prius is the heavy favorite at TAS 2010. Literally every single booth has one and it’s hard to take 20 steps without spotting another tuned Prius. Toyota had their own to impress with the Prius Custom Plus Concept taking a very futuristic hold to the Prius design. The front end is as aggressive as ever, with uniquely designed wheels and plenty of carbon fiber. Who would have ever thought a widebody Prius could still be aerodynamic in saving gas? Next to the Custom Plus Concept was a Tom’s-tuned Prius that was mild at best next to its counterpart – but much more in-line to what Prius consumers would enjoy.

Making its debut alongside the Prius G Sports and TOM's Prius studies was the Prius Custom Plus Concept (CCP) prepared by Toyota's in-house customizing and accessories division.
The prototype model looks thoroughly worked over thanks to the wide body kit that further accentuates the Prius hybrid's wedgy shape.

Together with the new nose job that boasts massive Lamborghini-styled air-vents, the Prius CPC gets custom-made fenders, beefy side skirts, new rear bumper with an integrated diffuser and side spoilers, and a large rear wing made out of carbon fiber.

Carbon fiber is also the material of choice for the new hood, roof, the cameras on the doors that replace the exterior mirrors and the rear panel on the trunk door.

The uniquely styled 18-inch alloy wheels that are shod on 215/40 R18 Goodyear tires sum up the exterior modifications.

The Fast and Furious / Racing theme is continued inside with the addition of gauges on top of the dashboard and just above the new steering wheel that's wrapped in Alcantara.

The same material is also used to trim the new Recaro bucket seats and most parts of the cabin.
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